Our Story

The Genesis

Our story began with a dire need.

That unfilled void always felt by smart gentlemen who appreciate great quality, fashion and value for money —the need for truly world-class underwear at the right price.

All this while, gentlemen had just three options to choose from:

  1. Niche brands offering high quality underwear but costing a fortune
  2. High street brands offering fashionable but basic underwear without any product differentiation or value addition, at an exorbitant price
  3. Mass market brands offering economical underwear that simply disintegrates after a few washes

The founding team, and all their near and dear ones, have lived through this predicament of only choosing from one of these unsavoury options for want of a credible and sensible alternative. And that’s the genesis of Dashing, which set out to create the finest underwear in the world at the right cost. And thus, a truly world-class, affordable, luxury men’s underwear brand was born.

Our quest for the holy grail — the perfect underwear

When we set out on this task to accomplish the mighty challenge of creating the finest pair of men’s underwear at the sweetest price point, we knew it was not going to be easy... but what an experience it was!

1000s of hours spent in R&D, all the midnight oil that was burnt, numerous samples and revisions that were developed, copious sweat and humungous toil – everything seemed so right and rewarding when we received incredible reviews, ratings, repeat orders and love from our customers, subject matter experts and fashion aficionados. Check out 'Why You'll Love Dashing' to know more about why Dashing underwear will delight you like no other.

The endeavour continues…

Good brands make good products but it’s the great brands that continue to innovate and delight. As a great brand that doesn’t rest on its laurels, we continue to reimagine our existing product lines and introduce new ones that set benchmarks.

We are constantly in touch with our community and continuously seek feedback to improvise. We continue to invest a lot in R&D to innovate on fabric blends, evolving fits, fabric treatments, and technologies such as wearables and 3D printing to delight those who put their faith in our brand. Soon, our community will also see mind-blowing new products from sports underwear that’s fit for an IRONMAN to tapering vests with a longer tail that remains tucked in.

That’s the story so far, gentlemen. And as our adventure continues, keep up the Dashing spirit!