Why You'll Love Dashing

“Underwear should have the grace of Apollo, the romance of Byron, the distinction of Lord Chesterfield, and the ease, coolness and comfort of Mahatma Gandhi.”- Men’s Wear (trade journal), April, 1933.

Most Luxurious, Comfortable & Healthy

Finest fabrics, materials, treatments and craftsmanship, with a focus on climatic and real-life wearing conditions, provide an awesome wearing experience.

Avant Garde Fashion

Pathbreaking designs that are relevant to regional & seasonal sensibilities.

Continuous Innovation

We’ll be on the forefront to adopt the latest and greatest innovations in the industry such as new fabric blends, evolving fits, fabric treatments, wearables, etc. to provide continuous delight to our customers, season after season.

Consistent Quality & Fit

Smaller batch sizes, 0% tolerance in measurements and 100% quality checks by 3rd party quality audit companies help us ensure the quality and fit are consistent every time you buy a Dashing pair of underwear.

Underwear With A Heart

Our manufacturing facilities, processes, raw materials, are all governed by the most ethical practices and have stringent certifications such as WRAP, Sedex, OEKO-TEX, etc.

Incredible Customer Service

Not happy about the product? Delay in delivery? Just call, Tweet, WhatsApp, email us and we promise to put a smile on your face.