Dashing: A Quest for the Ultimate Brief

Way back in 1933, the trade journal, Men’s Wear, defined the ideal characteristics of a man’s underwear: “it should have the grace of Apollo, the romance of Byron, the distinction of Lord Chesterfield, and the ease, coolness and comfort of Mahatma Gandhi.”

An impossible quest? Maybe. Maybe not.

Fed up with all the choices – or lack thereof – in men’s underwear in India, we decided that it was time for an inner revolution, so to speak.

Was it possible to create an underwear that would allow gentlemen to bid adieu to chafing, pinching, riding up, wedging, sagging, scarring, pilling, bunching, itching or adjustments – forever? At Haberdasher, we believed it could be done.

In 2017, we set out on this difficult quest for the Men’s Wear ideal. To boldly go where no man had gone before. And most important of all, to bring the smile back on Indian men’s faces.

From the get-go, we were clear about  one thing: we wanted to set new  standards that would delight customers,  while being utterly realistic about the  climate and wearing conditions.  Determined that we would create a work  of art, we went about seeking the finest  possible materials, the most advanced  processes and high precision craftsmanship. We didn’t want our product to get worn out and fade away too easily – no sir! We wanted something that would remain fresh, just like new, wash after wash after wash…

 And – we wanted to provide all that luxury at a price point that was as  comfortable as our underwear!

That’s how Dashing was born.

Of course, it wasn‘t as easy as it sounds. To create the perfect underwear, we sampled hundreds of brands, conducted tons of surveys on the ideal men’s underwear, researched and sought feedback, and spent 1000s of hours to source the right materials and get the right fit for Indian men. We sifted through hundreds of materials before zeroing in on Supima as the ideal cotton fabric to fit our highly demanding target. We also picked Micromodal Air and Tencel as the perfect choices for the Indian weather, to keep our customers pleasantly cool and dry with natural thermal regulation, and to afford wholesome protection through natural anti-microbial, anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry properties.

All that back-breaking effort paid off when we pre-launched Dashing in mid-August to rave reviews from our customers. So,what does it take to meet the Men’s Wear ideal underwear benchmark? 

 We believe in smaller manufacturing batch sizes to keep up our standards – every single time. We have a 0% tolerance approach in measurements and perform 100% quality checks through 3rd party audits. We also go by the highest ethical practices when it comes to processes and have stringent certifications like WRAP, Sedex, and OEKO-TEX, among others.

 We are constantly in touch with our community and continuously seek feedback to improvise. We continue to invest a lot in R&D to innovate on fabric blends, evolving fits, fabric treatments, and wearables to continuously delight those who put their faith in our brand.

So, if you haven’t stepped into a pair of Dashing briefs, trunks, or boxer briefs yet, we highly recommend that you make one a part of your wardrobe. You’ll also notice a few other things we do to make you feel comfortable 24/7:

  • They are comfortable – like really, really comfortable – with a luxurious 4.5 cm wide, latex-free waist band made of the softest material that leaves no marks and doesn’t bite, and elastic-free leg openings that lovingly hug the thighs without chafing.
  • They are free of tags, labels, unnecessary seams, and loud branding.
  • They last longggg and look as good as new with every wash.

Go ahead, get a bit of Dashing into your life. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll never look back!















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